Thursday, April 21, 2011

Water With Lemon, please...

It's been a week or so since I've added a new post so I thought I would do a quick mention of three notable locations I've experienced lately. All three are in Cool Springs and two of the three are more sports grilles/bars than anything.  I really do love the food I have had at these places. And I'll just preface this by saying I only drink water with lemon.  When servers ask me what I want to drink, I say "Water with Lemon."  It's been that way since November 15th, 2005.  I don't see that changing anytime soon.  While these places all seem to focus on the drinks they sell, they do have noteworthy food!

Loser's 2

I have only visited Loser's during the day during the lunch "crowd" and during the slow hours between 2 and 4.  There has always been a brisk crowd and it's always been a fun atmosphere. It's a small sports grille menu, and everything I have tried has been excellent.  The wings were amazing!  The Southwest Cheeseburger was outstanding.  The fries have always been surprisingly delicious.  I've even ordered a hotdog that truly should receive a standing ovation!  And they have one desert -  a Chocolate Eclair Cake which was oh-my-word delicious!  Initially I thought "only one desert??" But when it's that good, you really don't need to offer anything else!

The music in this place is loud and has always been right up my ally!  Each time I've asked myself "Who selects these songs because I love this playlist!" It's fun and upbeat music.  Not all country, not all old music and I've yet to hear Justin Bieber - it's a great mix!!  There is a stage for live music, though I've not been lucky enough to catch live music (it's always been lunch). They offer patio seating and have a huge garage door to the outside - every visit the doors have been open - so you get the feeling of being outside, even when being inside.  It's been perfect with the recent weather.

The pictures on their facebook show a crowded typical bar setting at night.  I've not experience that, only the somewhat easy laid back feel of the lunch hour.  This place is on Carothers near GiGi's and Swanky's.  It gets two forks up for sure!
Loser's 2

Brewhouse South

Let me just start by saying I will be watching some away Titans games at this place!  There are tons of large wide-screen tv's every direction you look!  I watched a Predator's playoff game there a few days ago and wow,  what a great place to watch a game!  In addition to that, one of my favorite servers, Amanda, works there too!

I've only been to this place once, but the experience certainly was good enough to know that I'll be returning.  It had an interesting menu, and Amanda recommended one of the burritos.  You typically don't have to twist my arm when you suggest that.... so that's what I ordered!  Seriously, it was so good. It was very good. It surprised me at how tasty it was.  It was rather spicy, full of flavor, stuffed full of goodness, and rather filling.   Like Loser's, they only offer one dessert.  On this night, it was a Tiramisu....which seemed very out of place with the other menu offerings but  I must say, it too was rather impressive!

My first experience at this place was very positive.  It certainly has a sports grille vibe and with the incredible display of tv's in each and every direction, I believe they will be giving Jonathan's next door a little competition!  From my experience, they have a much better viewing experience for games than Jonathan's.
Brewhouse South

Cool Springs Brewery

Before this place was "Cool Springs Brewery" it was Guido's.  They added their own microbrewery, changed the name, but kept the same great food!

During lunch, this is an exceptional place to visit. They have a salad, pizza and pasta buffet that is simply incredible!  Their New York style pizza is outstanding!  For a person who will be fine if he never has Papa Johns or Domino's again, this pizza is crazy good! Rich sauce, fresh toppings and lots of cheese! That's the "Guido's" part of their menu that makes this eatery great.  They have outstanding pasta and subs as well.  There is a great selection of specialty pizza's on the menu and on their buffet but (and wouldn't you know it) my favorite is their desert chocolate pizza.  They even add some cinnamon to make it THAT much better!!  It's an outstanding value and truly delicious food.
Cool Springs Brewery

So no funny stories or deep experiences to share this post...just a few recommendations to offer if you are looking for somewhere new to try.

I found out a few days ago that May is "National Cheeseburger Month" so I will have a little fun with that theme!  Boy can I ever tell you where to find good Cheeseburgers!

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