Sunday, February 27, 2011

The local Sports Grill

I always meet Sara Jo at El Palenque in Green Hills, I always meet Brooke at Las Palmas, for Mike it's Buffalo Wild Wings, and before Sanctuary it's Pei Wei with some of my favorites.  For Tim & Jessica, it's Cracker Barrel on Sunday evening. With Bryan, it's always Jonathan's Grille in Cool Springs.

Do you have those people in your life you always meet at the same place each time you get together.  I figure it's because there is such a comfort and it just becomes "your thing."  I'm cool with that.  Matter of fact, I'm very cool with that and don't like shaking up good chemistry.

A few weeks ago Bryan and I got together to go to Jonathan's, but honestly I wasn't too excited about this trip to Jonathan's with Bryan.  I did not want to go. Even with our good friend Kendall joining, I just didn't want to go.

Bryan is as good as gold. Literally.  He truly is one of the best friends I have in my life.  He's a "good 'ol boy" from Arkansas who hunts, fishes, drives a truck and is more loyal to his friends than most people you will ever meet in your life.  Bryan has witnessed the ugly side of my life, and was just as good of a friend on those days as when he saw me at my kindest and best.  I'm not sure he has a judgmental bone in his body, and he totally has a servants heart.  He has heard me go on and on and on about stuff happening in my life without flinching or making me feel like I have over stayed my welcome.  When my boat was broken down, he came to help.  He has always made himself available when needed.  He let me cheer for Georgia when he was cheering for Arkansas.  True friends, long lasting friends like Bryan are very hard to come across.  I first met Bryan in college and have had an incredible friend in him ever since.  We've roomed together, traveled together, and lived in the same town together.  And we always eat at Jonathan's Grille.

Jonathan's is a good place for two single guys to hang out.  The food is always good and they have a rather wide menu selection - typical sports bar kind of food, but they also have one of the best Ribeye's in Cool Springs.  They have TV's at every angle, making it a spectacular place to watch games.  They have cute servers who show class.  In recent years, it's even upgraded its feel to seem like a somewhat "upper class joint."  Their pizzas are fantastic, Cheeseburgers are impressive and their wings are pretty dang good.  Several years ago I actually went to a Titans game in Cincinnati with a group they put together. ....but that's a whole other experience to share!

So why didn't I want to go to Jonathan's this last time with Bryan?  It was a "going away" dinner for Bryan.  Bryan had decided to move back home to Arkansas and this was our last meal together with him living in Nashville.  To say the least, he'll be missed.  I'm not losing a friend, just losing a local friend.  I hated to see him go - and I simply didn't want to go to Jonathan's to say "goodbye."

I miss you Bryan, and wish you all the luck and Godspeed possible!!  When you're back in town, let's head to Jonathan's!

Jonathan's Grille in Cool Springs

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dessert at Nati-Creme

I promise most of the places I visit are not so "girly" as Nati-Creme and it's kind of funny that I begin my blog here, but I was out with three incredibly fun girls, so we ended the night with dessert at this cool little place.

Ok, so obviously the trendy places for build-your-own-yogurt-masterpiece around Nashville these days are Sweet CeCe's and Menchee's.  And if you want incredible cupcakes, GiGi's quickly comes to mind.  In a matter of months, these places have all taken Nashville by storm.  But in an obscure and oddly designed row of shops and business in Cool Springs sits Nati-Creme.  And I like it a lot!

They have both yogurt and cupcakes to choose from. It's like a double whammy of goodness - but this obviously presents a problem..."Which Do I Choose??"  Problem solved!  They have cupcakes that can act as the foundation to your yogurt masterpiece.  Genius!!  Their selection of toppings is impressive. My favorite: Captain Crunch.

The first time I visited Nati-Creme was on Superbowl Sunday - and I literally took one cupcake of each they had to choose from that day (they were for the Superbowl Party, for real...).  I ended up eating one of the chocolate with chocolate with more chocolate and some chocolate filling cupcakes.  Who can remember what it was called, as they all have pretty cool and unique names. I saw it was made of chocolate so that was all I needed to make my decision. I love the fun names - it makes things fun! I mean, what girl doesn't like getting a cupcake called "Pretty Princess?"

Each time I've visited they have had the nicest and most helpful employees.  In regards to service, they definitely get a double dutch chocolate two spoons up when it comes to service and friendliness.

I have my blonde moments, I really do.  Thursday night I was looking up at one of the pictures on the wall and kind of thought out loud "Those are some pretty little cupcakes."  Izzy turns around and begins to tell me that they haven't been cooked yet, it's just which I interrupt her with a "oh shutup Izzy."  Laughter followed.  Without a doubt, the batter would have tasted good too!  Everyone got a good laugh at my blonde moment, myself included.

Earlier today I took my laptop to Nati-Creme and stopped in for two hours or so of work.  The decor is pretty cool.  It feels homey, and there is a good amount of table I think it may become one of my regular offices away from my home office places to work and focus.

I am a little confused about its name.  It says "Nati-Creme" on the door, but their containers and website has Nati-Cakes.  Maybe they have an identity crises?  Whatever the case, they are yummy!

So that's it for my first place, I recommend Nati-Creme.

4115 Mallory Lane in Franklin, TN

The Appetizer

"Bonnie, do you ever eat at home??" To which I replied "Not really, how fun is that?"  Honestly, I get asked that all of the time.  I'm single, and cooking for one is more expensive than going out...and not nearly as fun.  And I travel with my job, so that gives me another reason to eat out a lot.  So a friend of mine suggested I start a blog - I'm always telling people where they should eat. Seriously, if it's a city in the South I've probably been there and if it's a city with a major convention center, I've probably been there too.  So why not share some of my experiences with anyone who will read?

If you like good food, if you like fun places, if you like to hear funny experiences - this may just be a blog for you.  It will not be restaurant reviews, but then again it may look something like it.  It won't be a place full of recipes, though I will probably share some. But I will tell you about some good dishes and some random places to eat.  I'm sure I'll even share some negative experiences, too - but honestly, I don't see those as being too fun to write about.

In my professional life, I work as a VP of Marketing for a magazine agency (WT Cox Subscriptions).  I work with libraries and market our services to libraries.  So this really has nothing to do with my professional life.  You know, everyone needs an escape from work, right?  The only way it relates to my work is they pay the bill for my food!  Gotta love that!

Alrighty, so this is first attempt at a blog.  I figure after I get a couple of these post written I'll then figure out a way to share what I write.  I mean, it would be good to have some readers!