Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sweet as Honey!

For a work-at-home person who travels a lot, I do find myself frequenting certain restaurants and multi-tasking.  For me this "multi-tasking" means working while eating...or eating while working?  It serves a lot of purposes;  It gets me out of sitting alone in a hotel or out of my home office, it gives me a fresh environment to think and be creative, it keeps me from going stir crazy from not being around people and in some cases, it even provides me with some chips and salsa.

Sopapilla's is one of the local places I frequent for such an occasion.  Panera Bread and Starbucks are obviously the standard choice for most people looking for an "on-the-road office."  I like things a little more original.   Sopapilla's is close to my house, and is located at the corner of Franklin Road and Moores Lane.  I absolutely love everything I have ever ordered from the menu.  Seriously, it's ALL been incredibly good to me. And as far as the chips and salsa goes, they have the best combination I've tasted in Nashville.

Sopapilla's shares with Franklin a taste of New Mexico - I'm assuming this is the State of New Mexico?  All I know is the freshness and detail found on each plate is something special.  From the moment you walk in the door and are greeted, you know it's going to be a place you'll visit again.  For an establishment of its size, there appears to be an abundance of servers.  This results in excellent service.

With the recent opening of a new bar area, patrons are able to choose from three seating areas - the bar area (tables, high tops, and the bar), the dining area and the large patio (seasonal).  The decor is minimal but very trendy.  As soon as you walk in, you know you are in a nice place.

As I mentioned, the chips and salsa are excellent, and truly the best combination I've found in Nashville or Franklin.  I like spicy, and their salsa is typically fairly spicy - so it hits a home run with me!  The Stuffed Sopapilla, Pollo Burrito, and Slow Roasted Chicken Quesadilla are my favorites.  The shredded chicken and beef are both full of flavor and very tender.  Most dishes are garnished with sour cream and pico, which screams fresh and homemade.  The guacamole is tasty, but seems to be a bit over priced to me - but I don't check the price of avocados too often, so who knows?   I'll over look the price of guacamole when their salsa is as incredible as it is - who needs it anyway!

But this part is as sweet as honey:  The name of the establishment is for the dessert that comes complimentary with each meal, a warm and fluffy Sopapilla.  Honey sits on each table, allowing you to fill your own Sopapilla with your own honey - so save room for this desert. You will begin with wonderful chips and salsa, and will walk out with the sweet taste of honey and their delicious Sopapilla.  The dessert is oh-so-yummy!

I've eaten at Sopapilla's with a couple of large groups before, and they handle the crowd well.  It's also a good place to go for good conversation.  It's not too loud and the booths offer privacy and seclusion.  And as far as people like me who go in and camp out for a while, they have not complained and keep refilling my water, chips and salsa...  Just be sure to tip your server well when you camp out for a couple of hours!

As I mentioned, I try to get out of the home office to break the monotony and rev up some creativity.  For some odd reason I've come up with and have planned three incredibly successful marketing campaigns which originated there.  Maybe all that honey just gives my creativity a buzz?

1109 Davenport Blvd
Franklin TN

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love this place!!!! Yummy! Makes me want to go right now!