Saturday, March 5, 2011

Friends, Food, Full Belly

Cool Springs has so many eateries that a person could go 1 1/2 years eating lunch at different places each day and never repeat restaurants, or so I've read.  I've not counted, but I can see this as being true.  So why do I frequently go to, of all places, Smyrna to eat?  Jim 'N Nicks.

Several weeks back I met Ashley and Mckenzie at Jim 'N Nick's over in Smyrna on a Friday night.  Lucky me got stuck in rush hour traffic, but once I finally got there it was oh-so-worth-the-wait.  My water with lemon and Jim 'N Nick's hot cheese biscuits were waiting for me when I arrived.  They call them biscuits, but they are more like muffins...but that's just getting into semantics - you could put on five pounds and stuff yourself silly just from the cheese biscuits alone.

First of all, Ashley and Mckenzie are pretty spectacular people and make everything crazy fun, so the company was worth the drive and completely enjoyable.  I got to hear all of the latest on guys, Brentwood drama, competition cheer, college decisions and shared the excitement about Summer 2011!  And honestly, I loved every second of every topic!  Matter of fact, much of what I enjoy about Jim 'N Nick's has always been about the people I see while I'm there.

One of my favorite people, Casey, was a server there last summer - so I went to Jim 'N Nicks and got to see her about once a week.  She's the best server I've ever had anywhere - it's the way it is at Jim 'N Nick's.  So it would not appear I was stalking her at work, I secretly went to the Jim 'N Nicks on Charlotte Pike about once a week, too.  Yes, that's almost twice a week for me at this place!  And during that time, I tried almost all of the menu.  I'm telling you, it's exceptional food!

Ward, who is an incredible friend and just happens to be Casey's uncle, works at Jim 'N Nick's in Smyrna, too.  He always makes an effort to come over to say hello and chat for a while (and gets me to try new items).  It's just good to catch up with him when we have the opportunity.  Carmen and Reagan (his family) are often in there, so I get to see them too.  Shouldn't our meals be with friends and family?  Jim 'n Nicks creates the perfect atmosphere for this!

Ashley and Mckenzie ordered the Southern Fried Chicken Tenders.  I'm not big on chicken fingers because they are typically no big deal anywhere you go - just a staple item on any menu.  Here, they will impress, surprise and definitely fill you up.  I know I've ordered them at least three times at Jim 'N Nicks.  And with all of the other choices I love on their menu, that says a lot!

On this particular night, I ordered the Slow Smoked BBQ Chicken.  They offer it either on the bone or off the bone - my carnivorlistic side prefers it on the bone so I can get down-and-dirty-sauce-on-the-face happy.  Their original sauce is a perfect blend of spices, and their spicy sauce is indeed SPICY!  It's more than just hot, it's very tasty, and it's always fun to see how fast it makes the sweat bead up on my bald spot.

I always try to order their vegetable of the day when I can.  I'm not sure why they're not on the menu every day because their daily specials are simply spectacular and some of their best offerings.  Their "Mac The Cheese" and coleslaw and other trimmings are very yummy.  I have gotten to the point that I always look for the special on the chalkboard as I walk in the door.  I arrive craving one thing, and end up ordering something totally different when I see the specials.

Some of my favorite menu items have been the taco's (yes, this is a BBQ joint with exceptional tacos), the smoked pork hotlinks, the smoked Turkey (the best I've ever had),  the spare ribs and the smoked chicken .  Ward keeps telling me I need to try the Prime Rib, but I've yet to order it.  He gave me a slice one time after I had eaten and I kind of wanted to order some to-go...

But all of that was just leading up to my absolute favorite at Jim 'N Nicks.  Their pies.  No offense to the grandmothers of the world, but there is not a grandmother's homemade pie that I've found that can beat ANY of the made from scratch pies at Jim 'N Nick's.  Chocolate, Banana Cream, Lemon Ice Box, Pecan...yes, I've had them all and would drive to Smyrna just for a slice of pie.  Oh wait, I have done that....

As I was about to pay the check, I saw one of my college friends (and the sister to my college roommate) sitting at the table next to me.  It just added to the joy of the night.  Good times can be found at Jim 'N Nick's! 

Jim 'N Nick's
Smyrna, TN

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