Thursday, March 24, 2011

Boma: Flavors of Africa

One of the beautiful aspects of Disney that I love is simply the way they excel at creating themes.  Actually, I don't suppose that "simply" gives it justice, but rather the extraordinary way they excel at creating a story, or developing a theme, or placing you in another world.

The latest theme park at Disney World is Disney's Animal Kingdom and boy have they ever excelled in creating another world.  Attention to detail is at every turn of the head.  Look up you see it, look at the pavement you see it, look to right, look to the left.  Close your eyes and you'll hear it.  Use your nose, you'll even smell it (not always pleasant at the Animal Kingdom).  Disney engages all of the senses!

Adjacent to Disney's Animal Kingdom is the impressive Animal Kingdom Lodge.  And just down the wooden staircase from the elaborate and awe inspiring lobby is Boma.  It's an African themed restaurant that adds another sense to the experience - the sense of taste.  It's a buffet.  It's a HUGE buffet.  It's an enormous buffet! Which, when you think about it, is kind of cool when you're trying to experience the many tastes of another culture. You can sample a little of a lot, and feast on what you find excellent.

First, let me say... it is Disney and there are kids.  So you know you're going to find chicken nuggets, pizza, burgers, fries, and macaroni and cheese available.  Parents with picky kids can still go and enjoy themselves.  For people like me who really don't like to branch out, there are some staples as well - Steak, Chicken, rice, a salad bar,  baked potatoes, etc.  But if you are really into the experience of trying some new tastes, grab your fork and get ready to experience some YUMMY flavors!

There is a wood-fire rotisserie and WOW, the chicken from this is incredible!  I also had some prime rib, and the chef even threw it on the wood-fire grill for some added taste.  Yes, I went back for more.  I have visited here several times and the steaks have always been the driving force behind my decision.  The flavors and the perfection of all the various steaks I have had here have been simply magical!  I would mention some specific dishes by name, but they were African names and I couldn't pronounce them much less spell them.  But on this particular night, I tried some sort of stewed spicy tomato and onion dish. Oh-my-word it was incredible.  Up to that point I thought my grandmother had the best stewed tomatoes.  Now I know that Boma has them!  There was also some coconut rice.  Yeah, it may not sound so good, but it was exceptional!  There was some sort of curry pasta with fresh vegetables and a mustard sauce which also made me go back for seconds.  The variety of it all is very overwhelming.  I can't imagine even being able to sample one of everything.  This buffet is HUGE!  It's my understanding they change up the menu daily so it really is fun to repeat visits to Boma - there is always something new to be tasted.

The kitchen is all open, so you can see the chefs preparing the dishes, the vegetables being cut and the freshness being created.  You can even see the pastry chefs creating the deserts.  That's right people, deserts created by chefs.  These aren't frozen key lime pies and boxed brownies with ice cream. You could easily go to Boma and just eat from the desert bar and I know you would think it was worth the price (around $35 for the buffet for adults).  And no, I have not done this.  Yet.

This desert bar is huge!!  And I know I counted at least 12 different deserts last week while I was there.  Each of the deserts are "mini" deserts, allowing you the mental freedom to take more than one or two or three for the tasting.  I'm not sure how many of these deserts are truly African, but when you have a really good Key Lime Tart, do you really care if that one desert isn't actually authentic??

If you're ever at Disney, definitely take the time to experience this place.  It's beautiful, the service is more than impressive, the scenery is inspiring and the food is truly delicious...and fun.  And where else can you eat in America and experience the flavors of Africa, see a giraffe and eat all of the miniature cheesecakes you want?

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge
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  1. So, it is kinda a goal of mine to NOT go to Disney this year. Because NOT going is WAYYYYY more difficult than making the trek to go.....but this post may have set me back. The atmosphere, the themes, the food, aahhh!