Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dessert at Nati-Creme

I promise most of the places I visit are not so "girly" as Nati-Creme and it's kind of funny that I begin my blog here, but I was out with three incredibly fun girls, so we ended the night with dessert at this cool little place.

Ok, so obviously the trendy places for build-your-own-yogurt-masterpiece around Nashville these days are Sweet CeCe's and Menchee's.  And if you want incredible cupcakes, GiGi's quickly comes to mind.  In a matter of months, these places have all taken Nashville by storm.  But in an obscure and oddly designed row of shops and business in Cool Springs sits Nati-Creme.  And I like it a lot!

They have both yogurt and cupcakes to choose from. It's like a double whammy of goodness - but this obviously presents a problem..."Which Do I Choose??"  Problem solved!  They have cupcakes that can act as the foundation to your yogurt masterpiece.  Genius!!  Their selection of toppings is impressive. My favorite: Captain Crunch.

The first time I visited Nati-Creme was on Superbowl Sunday - and I literally took one cupcake of each they had to choose from that day (they were for the Superbowl Party, for real...).  I ended up eating one of the chocolate with chocolate with more chocolate and some chocolate filling cupcakes.  Who can remember what it was called, as they all have pretty cool and unique names. I saw it was made of chocolate so that was all I needed to make my decision. I love the fun names - it makes things fun! I mean, what girl doesn't like getting a cupcake called "Pretty Princess?"

Each time I've visited they have had the nicest and most helpful employees.  In regards to service, they definitely get a double dutch chocolate two spoons up when it comes to service and friendliness.

I have my blonde moments, I really do.  Thursday night I was looking up at one of the pictures on the wall and kind of thought out loud "Those are some pretty little cupcakes."  Izzy turns around and begins to tell me that they haven't been cooked yet, it's just which I interrupt her with a "oh shutup Izzy."  Laughter followed.  Without a doubt, the batter would have tasted good too!  Everyone got a good laugh at my blonde moment, myself included.

Earlier today I took my laptop to Nati-Creme and stopped in for two hours or so of work.  The decor is pretty cool.  It feels homey, and there is a good amount of table I think it may become one of my regular offices away from my home office places to work and focus.

I am a little confused about its name.  It says "Nati-Creme" on the door, but their containers and website has Nati-Cakes.  Maybe they have an identity crises?  Whatever the case, they are yummy!

So that's it for my first place, I recommend Nati-Creme.

4115 Mallory Lane in Franklin, TN


  1. I can't wait to try Nati-Creme. Would love to hear what you think about The Picnic in Belle Meade. Their chicken salad is to die for, and well, the fruit tea? One word - Mm. Maybe that's not a word.

  2. Daniel, it's been a long time since I've eaten at The Picnic - didn't they change locations in the past few years? I'll have to go over there for lunch again soon. I do remember that my chicken salad from there was great!