Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Appetizer

"Bonnie, do you ever eat at home??" To which I replied "Not really, how fun is that?"  Honestly, I get asked that all of the time.  I'm single, and cooking for one is more expensive than going out...and not nearly as fun.  And I travel with my job, so that gives me another reason to eat out a lot.  So a friend of mine suggested I start a blog - I'm always telling people where they should eat. Seriously, if it's a city in the South I've probably been there and if it's a city with a major convention center, I've probably been there too.  So why not share some of my experiences with anyone who will read?

If you like good food, if you like fun places, if you like to hear funny experiences - this may just be a blog for you.  It will not be restaurant reviews, but then again it may look something like it.  It won't be a place full of recipes, though I will probably share some. But I will tell you about some good dishes and some random places to eat.  I'm sure I'll even share some negative experiences, too - but honestly, I don't see those as being too fun to write about.

In my professional life, I work as a VP of Marketing for a magazine agency (WT Cox Subscriptions).  I work with libraries and market our services to libraries.  So this really has nothing to do with my professional life.  You know, everyone needs an escape from work, right?  The only way it relates to my work is they pay the bill for my food!  Gotta love that!

Alrighty, so this is first attempt at a blog.  I figure after I get a couple of these post written I'll then figure out a way to share what I write.  I mean, it would be good to have some readers!

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  1. YES! This blog makes too much sense because you are definitely an expert on random eateries! We're always looking for recommendations for when we travel too. If "Julia & Julia" can get a movie made from her blog, this one is a shoe in!