Monday, July 4, 2011

Big Rock Market

If you know me at all, you know that some of my favorite summer time treats are days when I get to go to the lake.  More times than not, I will head about an hour east of Nashville to Center Hill Lake.  I'm not one who likes change much, so I find myself involved in a set of "Lake Day Traditions" ...and I'm fairly picky about these lake day traditions, and I love the memories.  Big Rock Market has been a part of my set of "Lake Day Traditions" for a couple of years.  Why?  It provides all sorts of amusement...and some good food too!

On Lake Days, we'll all meet up at the Brentwood Library, typically at 10.  This allows us to arrive at Big Rock Market just after 11 am - the time most places begin serving lunch.  We'll stop in for lunch, then head over to Center Hill Marina to hop on the boat and enjoy a full day at the lake.  If I go to Center Hill, I usually like to have at least 7 people go, but no more than 9 - the more the merrier!

Big Rock Market, in Silver Point Tennessee, is just off of Interstate 40 at exit 268. For all practical purposes, it is a gas station & convenient store ...which just happens to serve food (some of the time).  We pass right by Big Rock Market on the way to the lake, so it's the perfect location and at the right time to grab some lunch.

Once on the inside of this place, you forget you are in a typical convenience store - the decor is pretty impressive.  Matter of fact, I have said more than once that I would love to have my bonus room look like the dining area.  Cool colors, cool furnishings, and an impressive abundance of room....keep in mind, this is a convenience store.

The food has always been delightful!  The chicken tenders seem to be a favorite of the girls.  I must admit, they are delicious.  I've had smoked ham, smoked turkey, smoke shoulder...all sorts of BBQ varieties and have loved everything I've ever eaten from Big Rock Market!  They have had smoked sausage with peppers and onions - and on a hot dog bun this is probably my favorite from this establishment.  Their hot dogs and hamburgers taste like backyard grilled yummy delights.  This is a great place to stop because my guests can get their own drinks, chips and we can get in and out in a..... well, there is nothing fast about the service here.

I mentioned earlier about the amusement Big Rock Market provides - I assume that the employees of this establishment are all family members.  To say that the service is friendly here is not exactly true.  I've always felt this was a "local establishment" and that our 9 person invasion was not very welcomed here.  The "dad" (whom I assume owns the place) has always been friendly....but the daughter.... wow!  While she is incredibly cute, I don't believe she has ever had a smile on her face while we've been there.  We've witnessed her yelling and screaming at another girl who works there as we were trying to place orders and pay.  Like I said, it's entertaining and amusing.  We've walked in before as she screamed at us "WE DON'T HAVE FOOD TODAY!!"  They have brought our order to a nearby table, instead of the table we were sitting at, and told us to come get it.  Last year, I would be told that they don't take American Express, then be able to use it the next time.  Sometimes they would allow us to order individual chicken tenders, and other times not.   While the food really is impressive, it's hit or miss if they are actually serving it... yet the sign out front says "Salad Bar Everyday" - I remember the salad bar being stocked maybe 5 times over the past couple of years.  This year they added a tact shop to part of the dining area - probably an indication that diners are not a high priority.

I've started calling around 10:30 to see if they would have food for the 9 of us.  Only once have they said they would have food.  Sadness.

My tradition has started shifting this year.... we now end up going to the store at Hurricane Marina to buy sandwiches for lunch.  Some have even started bringing their own lunch.  Hurricane Marina is faster, but the food is not as good and they don't supply the hours of conversations and laughs that the Big Rock Market has provided.  I may be the only person who would recommend a place because the service is so bad it is entertaining.  Sometimes you just have to laugh at the things that go on around you!

....But a day at the lake is always a good thing!

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